What We Do

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Willows was created in 2007 by parents whose daughters had attended therapeutic programs. Recognizing a need for a safe meeting place where parents could come and share their most intimate concerns, a sustainable model was developed, offering free parent support groups, education, transition and after-care support, and resources for making informed personal decisions addressing the needs of the family. 

With You

We work with parents who have teens or young adults:

  • Who at "At Risk", and they are assessing difficult decisions about a higher level of care or placement.

  • Currently in therapeutic residential programs.

  • Are getting ready to transition back home or into a community.

  • Who have completed a program and are now back home.​

Been There

Willows' meetings are facilitated by parents who understand this process. The Willows platform works so well because we come to our parent support meetings as peers and provide practical advice. The views expressed by our volunteers and as part of this website are strictly those of the individuals, and are not to be construed as taking the place of professional advice. All information and professional resources provided by Willows should be evaluated thoroughly as to its appropriateness for your family. Participants are always advised to seek independent professional advice.


Why Willows is Effective

  • Parents feel emotionally comfortable with other parents who are traveling on a similar journey.

  • There is a common denominator, regardless of how parents got here, and our stories are similar.

  • The feelings of shame are diminished because we share in a safe setting.

  • Painful emotions are released and accepted.

  • Information, education, and the exchange of ideas is available.

  • Often for the first time parents feel like they are truly getting the right information for caring for their children.

Willows In The Wind is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization and is currently 100% funded by parent donations. If you would like to support our work, please send a check made out to Willows in the Wind, to:


Willows in the Wind

P.O. Box 1591

San Bruno, CA. 94066 

501(c)3 Non-profit Tax ID# 16-1763857


Note: Although occasionally professionals will take part in our programs, participation by individuals in any Willows’ program CANNOT take the place of professional medical, psychiatric, or psychological diagnosis, treatment or counseling. It is the responsibility of each individual to research and evaluate any organization, facility, or professional prior to making a decision.