We have collected here some material on various issues related to adoption. You will see that many of these resources are from the website, which is a website about parenting adopted teens. 


Special Needs Adoption


Son’s Prenatal Exposure to Amphetamines


Adoptive Mom Advocates for Daughter’s Special Needs



Adoptees Speak Out


Positive Message to Parents: Sending your Child to Treatment


PACER- Support Groups for Adopted Persons and Birth Parents


Andrea’s Story – Latina Adoptee


A Whole New World – Chinese Adoptee’s Story


Kathryn Joyce, Author of The Child Catchers: Rescue, Trafficking and the New Gospel of Adoption


Aselefech Evans and Jenni Fang Lee in Conversation – Ethiopian and Chinese Adoptees


Adoptee Searches for Birth Mother



Transracial Adoptive Families


Conversation about Transracial Adoption with Beth Hall, Executive Director of PACT An Adoption Alliance


Checklist for Transracially Adoptive Parents



Radical Attachment Disorder


Podcast on Unconditional Love



Adoption and Identity


For Adoptive Parents: The Tween Years


Adoption and Divorce


Identity, Adolescence and Adoption


Is Adoption Loss? For Adoptive Parents



Adoption Counselors


Cindy Rasicot MFT,, Lafayette, CA 510 332-0463

Cherie Campbell-French MFT, Lafayette, CA 925 787-4673


Colleen King Ney LCSW, Palo Alto, CA 650 493-1448

Linda Ikeda MFT, San Jose, CA 408 247-1600 #3