Confidentiality Agreement Form

Now that you have contacted Jan about attending one of our meetings, please click on the PDF icon to the right and follow the directions below.

If your spouse or partner will be participating in the meeting, it is important that their information is filled in on the PDF. You do not need to fill out separate forms.

Directions for filling in and digitally signing the form:

1. Click the PDF icon

2. Once opened in the new webpage, DOWNLOAD the form to your computer

3. Re-open the PDF on your computer in Adobe and fill in the fields as necessary

4. Click on the signature box at the bottom

5. If you have never completed a digital signature before, it'll ask you to "Configure New Digital ID"

6. Click the "Create a New Digital ID" option and chose a save option (save as file or Apple ID)

7. It will ask you to password protect your Digital Signature ID (create a password)

8. Once completed, your new Digital ID option will be toggled; click continue

9. A preview of your digital signature will appear; if you want to send in standard text, simply enter the password in the space provided and click sign. If you'd like to draw a signature, click "Create" in the top right-hand corner and select the "draw" option as seen below here:


Draw with your mouse and click "apply" and then "save"

9. Save your document and attach in an email to

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