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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I know when it’s time, or when is enough, enough?
Q: What if I don't want to send my son or daughter away?
Q: Doesn't sending my son or daughter to a residential program mean I've failed as a parent?
Q: What do you do with my email and other contact information?
Q: Why do we ask you to call us before attending your first meeting?

Additional Questions

**These answers are purely based on comments from Willows’ members.
Q: What type of treatment programs are there?
Q: Are treatment programs expensive and will insurance pay for them?
Q: How old are the students in the treatment programs?
Q: How do I find a suitable EC? How much does an EC cost? What services does an EC provide?
Q: How do I know if the treatment programs recommended by my EC is right for my child?
Q: My child has just joined a residential program, what should I do now?

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