Cindy Rasicot, MFT and Willows Director frequently interviews specialists in the therapeutic and educational community to provide parents with information on resources. This is a great opportunity for parents who may have questions like How do I  hire an educational consultant? What is wilderness therapy? What happens in a therapeutic boarding school? How do I find a transition program for my son or daughter returning home? 


Interviews originally appearing on Cindy's blog, Talking Heart to Heart, can be accessed below. We are constantly adding new interviews, so check back frequently to see if something has been added. 


Homeward Bound - Interview with Tim R. Thayne, Ph.D., Author of Not By Chance, How Parents Boost Their Teen's Success In and After Treatment.In 2006 he founded Homeward Bound to help families transition and maintain the growth and gains make in treatment. 


Why Choose an Educational Consultant, Dr. Jennifer Heckman, Educational and Therapeutic Consultant, Owner/Partner of Educational Consultants, LLC,


Adoptive Mom Advocates for Daughters Special Needs
Mom talks about how she was awarded special education funds from the school district to partially cover the costs of residential treatment.


ADAMS Esquire Special Education Attorney, Oakland, CA --Jean Murell Adams, Special Education Attorney

Family Life Center--Jon Foye, Admissions Director, Family Life Center,


Second Nature Wilderness Experience- A Young Man Reflects on his Wilderness Experience


Wilderness Therapy Mike Hench, MS, MBA, LMFT, formerly worked at Second Nature Entrada Wilderness Therapy Program in Southwestern Utah.


Coyote Coast -- Interview with Alex Georgakopoulos, MFT, Founder and Executive Director of Coyote Coast providing therapeutic support services to families who are considering out-of-home placement, and whose teens are returning from therapeutic boarding schools, residential treatment centers, and rehabilitation programs.


Solstice Residential Treatment Program Residential Treatment Center for Girls 13-18


Conversation about Transracial Adoption with Beth Hall, Executive Director of PACT An Adoption Alliance