Willows Parent Coaching Services

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Whether your teenager is at home or in treatment, navigating the challenges of parenting a child with a behavioral or mental health issue can be a daunting and isolating process. Willows’ Parent Coaching services are designed to support parents as they navigate the residential treatment process and engage in the process of shifting family dynamics to a healthier place.

Willows Coaches work collaboratively with parents to:

  • identify patterns of communicating that may contribute to increased family stress or polarization within the family

  • Learn to construct more effective conversations with teens/family members to de-escalate conflict

  • prepare for the residential experience including home visits and transitioning back home or to community.

Our parent coaches have been through this journey themselves. And while everyone’s path is different, Sarah, Holli and Jan are ready to support you in your unique process with your child.

About Our Coaches

For more information or to arrange for a free 30-minute consultation, please contact one of our coaches:

A certified parent coach, Sarah has experienced firsthand the heartbreak of watching her teenage daughter travel the peaks and valleys of a residential treatment program. Her passion for helping families heal stems directly from her belief in the transformational power of this journey. The work is worth it.

Sarah partners with parents to help them rebuild their confidence and sense of connection with their teen / young adult. Coaching sessions generally include: trouble-shooting pressing issues, discussing practical strategies that promote peace, and


Sarah MacKay Lynch, MA


planning for the transition home from treatment. Whether you need assistance getting on the same page with a co-parent or mapping our your “parallel process," coaching with Sarah will provide you with support in designing your family’s path to health, connection and love.

In addition to enjoying the company of her soon to be 20-year old daughter, Sarah is a regular leader of several Bay Area support groups (Willows in the Wind, Family Sanity and JET ED Consulting). With an MA in Education, she combines 20 years of experience working as an educational leader and teacher serving adolescents / young adults with current research to assist struggling families in the Bay Area and beyond. 

Sarah can be reached at SarahMackaycoaching@gmail.com

Jan is founder of Willows in the Wind and a regular support group leader in Los Altos. Jan has two successfully launched young adult daughters and is a certified parent coach.