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Whether your teenager is at home or in treatment, navigating the challenges of parenting a child with a behavioral or mental health issue can be a daunting and isolating process. Willows’ Parent Coaching services are designed to support parents as they engage in the process of shifting family dynamics to a healthier place.

Willows Coaches work collaboratively with parents to:

  • identify patterns of communicating that may contribute to increased family stress or polarization with their teen

  • plan for more effective conversations with teens/family members to de-escalate conflict

  • prepare for home visits and transition for teens in treatment

Our parent coaches have been through this journey themselves. And while everyone’s path is different, Jan and Sarah are ready to support you in your unique process with your child.

About Our Coaches


Jan is founder of Willows in the Wind and a regular support group leader in Los Altos. Jan has two successfully launched young adult daughters and is a certified parent coach.


Sarah is a regular co-leader of the San Rafael Willows support group as well as a Family Connections course leader. Sarah is also a certified parent coach and a member of the International Coaching Federation.

Holli is a certified parent coach and facilitator of the Oakland and San Rafael Willows support group meetings.


For more information or to arrange for a free 30-minute consultation, please contact one of our coaches:

Sarah MacKay Lynch


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