Recommended Reading

For When Your Child Leaves for Wilderness, Therapeutic Boarding School, or Other Treatment Facility (Out-of-Home Placement)

Knight in Rusty Armor

by Robert Fisher

The Anatomy of Peace

by The Arbinger Institute

The Journey of the Heroic Parent

by Brad Reedy

Parallel Process

by Krissy Pozatek

Not by Chance

by Tim Thayne

The Road Home

by Ruben Jimenez

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If a program, school or other resource appears on this site, it is not a recommendation.  Conversely, if a program, school or resource is omitted, it does not mean it is not a good program. What is a fine program for one child/family, may not work for another child/family and the opposite is true as well.

The information contained on this site is provided by parents, not professionals, and is meant as a starting point for parents with struggling children.  We recommend consulting therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals to guide you in the placement of your child.