The following resources are organizations, programs and professionals that we have worked with or have been referred to us by our Willows' parents. Please note that it is always your responsibility to thoroughly research any individual, group, or business you choose to contract to ensure an optimum match for you and your family. 

In addition, check out our FAQs, articles, and list of relevant Bay Area workshops.​

Saving Teens

SavingTeens provides support for families who, due to financial limitations, would be unable to pursue appropriate wilderness and/or residential therapy programs, or complete aftercare counseling without scholarship support. Jennifer Taylor does pro bono work with this organization. 

Sky's the Limit Fund

Partners with some of the nation’s leading wilderness therapy programs who match funds dollar for dollar with a reduction in tuition, therefore providing even more assistance for the families in need.


Each family’s circumstances are different, and NATSAP makes no warrantees regarding availability of scholarship funds from any of these organizations. They each have their own criteria for determining who qualifies for assistance and how much assistance is available to each candidate. This listing is simply a means for families to contact these organizations, who will ultimately determine whether they qualify for financial assistance.

Please note the following information when you are searching these financial options:

--SAMHSA grants are not applicable for parents (agencies/large entities apply for these grants!)

--Friends of Families - limited to 3 programs (Boulder Creek Academy, Academy at Sisters, Diamond Ranch)

--Jason William Hunt - lists specific programs that it affiliates with for funds

--Some of these are also funded by Skies the Limit Fund