Teen Groups

Resource Name, 

Type, and Notes


Link/ Contact

The Albany Group

Mill Valley

Boys Teen Groups

Authentica Center

Marin County

Girls Teen Groups

Bay Area Parent


Bay Area

Parenting magazine with 

great article on COVID-19

and living with your teen

Bridget McCormick

& Ben Seider

Palo Alto

Therapy and Peer Support

groups; temporarily offering

online groups

Children's Health


Palo Alto

San Jose

Teen group DBT skills

Child Mind Institute

The Child Mind Institute is an independent, national nonprofit dedicated to transforming the lives of children and families struggling with mental health and learning disorders


(New York)


East Bay

Outdoor adventure mentor

programs for Spring &


Give Us The Floor

Teen online supportive 

group chats; Snapchat


GreenLight Clinic


(San Francisco)

San Francisco

All services are free for teens in SF but not currently running during shut down (no virtual groups)

JoAnne Forman


Mill Valley

TeleHealth group for teen

girls; with The Albany 


Mind Fit

Mill Valley

Teen group DBT skills &


See Saw

Psychology Group

San Francisco


Teen Groups

Stepping Stones


East Bay

Youth mentoring &

coming-of-age programs

TeenTribe Mental



(San Marcos)

Online support groups

for teens

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If a program, school or other resource appears on this site, it is not a recommendation.  Conversely, if a program, school or resource is omitted, it does not mean it is not a good program. What is a fine program for one child/family, may not work for another child/family and the opposite is true as well.

The information contained on this site is provided by parents, not professionals, and is meant as a starting point for parents with struggling children.  We recommend consulting therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals to guide you in the placement of your child.