Willows is unique because it is facilitated by parents that have traveled this journey. Regardless of how you got here, everyone in our community is on the same journey. We might be at different places along the way, or doing different things to meet the unique needs of our family, but we understand, support, and respect each other and create a safe space to gather and discuss some very difficult subjects.

How do you tell your beautiful daughter she cannot live with you? It was the worst week of my life.  With the wonderful support of Willows and the staff at the school, we got through it. I know it will be a life-long challenge, but with wonderful groups like Willows, all you have to do is reach out for help. It is there.

- Sue, Willows parent

The caliber of speakers chosen by Willows has been excellent. I hope all the participants realize what a gift this is.

- Transitions Workshop participant

Having a child attend a therapeutic boarding school is a traumatic and transformative experience. In the beginning, I was unprepared for the way it shook the foundation of my life. I feel fortunate to have received the support from other parents at Willows. It was through these meetings that I connected with others who were in different phases of the journey and yes, surviving this unique journey! Although our stories were different, we all shared a common thread and the challenges that allowed for understanding, and a wisdom that even the most cherished friends and family, or the most skilled therapists, could not provide. Willows helped me find strength amidst the rubble and for that I am forever grateful. 

- Willows parent

In my experience, Willows is a group of very caring, thoughtful, smart, and dedicated parents  who have all dealt with extraordinarily difficult/ risky parenting challenges. It is so helpful to meet other parents who have been in the same boat and to share information and support with them.

We write with profound gratitude for the help you gave us at a very difficult time for our family. We truly appreciated the leadership, expertise, emotional support, helpful suggestions, and skillful facilitating of the group. It was a lifeline for us while our child was in residential treatment. The group was the only place we could go where others truly understood what was going on for our family.

- Willows parents

Willows was there for me many years ago when our then young teenager was in residential treatment. Willows was the ONLY place that I felt I could tell my story without judgment. I received great comfort from being in the company of others who loved their children but had come to the end of their emotional resources and ability to keep their loved ones safe. Thank you, for creating this safe space. Our teen did the hard work, and so did we. Soon to be 25 years old, she is living and working in New York and connected almost daily with all the members of our nuclear family. We celebrate the successes.

- Willows parent