Transition and Wrap-Around Programs

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Coyote Coast Youth and Family Counseling, Inc.

Based in Orinda, California, Coyote Coast is designed to provide therapeutic support services to teens and families experiencing emotional, behavioral, and substance-related difficulties. Mentoring along with parent coaching helps families create a plan for  troubled at home, at risk teens as well as extremely helpful in supporting the entire family when transitioning your teen back home from a program.



East Gate Mentoring

Many young people are not fully prepared for the “real world”. East Gate Mentoring can help today’s youth and young adults find meaningful and productive ways to invest their time and gain experience for the future. Finding employment, volunteering opportunities, continuing education, and sober activities are some of the ways East Gate Mentoring can help your youth or young adult find safe and fun ways to engage with their community.

The Experiential Healing Institute

It all starts with training!

How can families support loved ones who are struggling with mental or behavioral challenges if they have not been trained and educated about the skills and methods used by professionals? We offer this training and support for families who want to learn new approaches to handle stressful situations and to support positive change. Our trainers bring methods and skills used in Wilderness Therapy and treatment centers to you at "home" and train the family to intervene before treatment is needed or to prepare a family for a loved one's return from a program. 

Homeward Bound

Homeward Bound was created to fill the gap between out-of-home treatment programs and the realities of home life or independent living and quickly discovered that the processes were highly successful when used as a preventative measure as well. Homeward Bound strongly believes that every family can benefit greatly from the practical and customized education, coaching, and real-time support that they can provide.

New Horizons Child and Family Services

IIFT is a family centered, home-based treatment model for high conflict families delivered by a team of clinicians. It provides effective treatment for children and teens with serious mental health challenges who have not responded well to traditional weekly in-office (outpatient) therapies. IIFT is also effective for stabilizing a child in his or her family home in order to avoid psychiatric hospitalization or residential care. 


Potomac Programs     

Potomac works to heal troubled kids and family relationships and are often called upon by parents who are experiencing a chaotic or turbulent time in their families. Potomac supports young people and their families who find themselves struggling with a difficult transition or life event, or who are experiencing mild to moderate emotional issues.


Ruben Jimenez

As an author, speaker, coach, counselor, and licensed therapist (LCSW), I help families navigate through difficult transition periods. Usually, these are times when parents are considering therapeutic treatment for their child's emotional and behavioral problems; when a teen or young adult is coming home from a treatment program; or when a young adult is experiencing “failure to launch” from the nest. I work with—and speak directly to—both parents and their children, drawing on over a decade of experience “on the ground”—in living rooms and at kitchen tables, in the wilderness, on the road, over the phone, wherever and however I’m needed. Offers personal coaching and expeditions. 


Second Nature 360 Program

​360 helps adolescents and young adults successfully transition from treatment to home, college, or independence.​ It provides the family with wrap-around support to help parents as skills are transferred from treatment to the real-world setting.


Wonder provides in-home and community-based treatment centered in a holistic and integrative family systems approach. Our work with our adolescents and young adults focuses on relationship based support. Our clinical team provides therapeutic support for parents and the tools necessary to achieve sustained higher functionality.