Most parents that have sent their teens to residential care have experienced prolonged periods of extreme stress in their household, before taking that final step to send their teen to a program. They finally have a chance to stop and reflect on the magnitude of what has led to this decision. Certainly there have been feelings of isolation, insufficient time to take care of their own personal needs, responsibility for other children, job demands, and if they are married, contribute in a spousal relationship. In addition to these issues there may now be health concerns and/or financial problems.


Start a journal and document the types of things your teen or young adult is doing that is troubling, how often they occur, and how it affects the rest of the family. (Have the police been called? Are they skipping school? Are they running away?) Sometimes, doing this exercise helps make the severity (or not) of what is going on much more clear.

For example, Obsessive/ Compulsive behaviors ARE addictions, and the longer the addictive behavior remains in existence, it becomes "concretized" and therefore harder to change. Getting your child into treatment earlier rather than later is so important. 


Second, talk with an educational consultant to find out what your options are, and hear more about how programs have helped other families. 

Come to our monthly meetings! 

You are not alone. Parents find great comfort in finding other parents that are traveling this similar journey. There is no shame in considering therapeutic placement for your child. As parents we need to protect our children and give them what they need to build strong character in youth so they can be strong characters as adults. If you are a parent who is considering options to keep your teen safe, the process can be daunting. We know, because everyone at Willows has been there and we know how difficult and courageous this decision can be.