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Support Groups

About Our Groups


Willows groups provide parent-to-parent support for families with teens and young adults who are experiencing mental health, substance abuse or behavioral issues. Willows helps parents find solutions for their families, whether it is in-home or residential treatment.


Please join us at one of our Bay Area locations for a supportive, confidential meeting:

Peninsula, East Bay, and North Bay (meetings are online).

Parents from outside the Bay Area are also welcome.

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Formerly Los Altos


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


Virtual (online)


East Bay
Formerly Oakland


1:00 PM – 3:00 PM


Virtual (online)


North Bay
Formerly San Rafael


2:00 PM – 4:00 PM


Virtual (online)

Register for a Meeting

Please register at least four days before the meeting. If you have other questions, please email Samantha Miller at

COVID-19 Update: You may choose to attend any location, but we encourage you to select the location you would have physically gone to in order to connect with local parents.

Is this your first Willows meeting?
If you have attended a meeting before and need the Zoom link for this months meeting, please select yes below.

Thank you for your submission.

Meeting Format


Review ground rules, announce upcoming events.


Round circle format.


Topics of interest that arise from the group.

Ground Rules

Confidentiality: What is shared and who is there, stays in the meeting.

Sharing: Everyone is on their own journey and all ideas are welcome.

Active Listening: Please listen with an open heart.

Respect: No interrupting or side conversations.

Be Open Minded: Don't take anything personally or make assumptions, and be open to different points of view than your own.

Tolerance: Acknowledge that we each have unique experiences and someone else's journey may not be the same as our own.

Patience: We are each in different stages of the process, so what may be relevant for you may not be relevant for others and vice versa.


Having a child attend a therapeutic boarding school is a traumatic and transformative experience. I feel fortunate to have received the support from other parents at Willows in the Wind. Although our stories were different, we all shared a common thread that allowed for deep understanding and wisdom that even the most cherished friends and family, or the most skilled therapists, could not provide. Willows helped me find strength amidst the rubble and for that I am forever grateful.

—Willows Parent

We write with profound gratitude for the help you gave us at a very difficult time for our family. We truly appreciated the leadership, expertise, emotional support, helpful suggestions, and skillful facilitating of the group. It was a lifeline for us while our child was in residential treatment. The group was the only place we could go where others truly understood what was going on for our family.

—Willows Parent

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