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Willows Grant Program

The Grant Program

Willows awards $1,000 grants to families in need to help defray the cost of transition services, consulting, and/or psych testing. These grants are intended to help families for whom the expense would be a significant burden. Some of the following providers offer assistance by reducing their fees—please check with each organization for current information. Willows Grants are paid directly to the service provider and are not transferable.


Some of the programs that parents have applied their Willows grant to in the past have included:


  • Coyote Coast Family Counseling Services (provides a matching grant)

  • East Gate Mentoring (offers a reduced fee)

  • Homeward Bound Aftercare

  • New Horizons Child and Family Services

  • Potomac Family Programs

  • Second Nature – 360 (Beth Laughlin)

  • Solutions Parenting Support

  • Team Wonder

  • The Experiential Healing Institute

  • The Ruben Group – (Ruben Jimenez)


* Please inquire with Willows staff for the names of other participants.

The Grant Program

Who Can Apply

Grant Applications are open to families who have shown a commitment to the Willows program by attending and participating in a at least three  Willows meetings. Willows will not require evidence of financial need, but requests that applicants respect our desire that the grants are intended for families that would be impacted significantly by the cost of such professional programs. To ensure we give as many families as possible an opportunity, we limit Grant awards to two awards per family  and not greater than $1000/per year. 

The Willows Grants are intended for families with children in their teens or young adults, generally ages 12 - 24, who will be completing a therapeutic program. The parents of all families who apply will be interviewed.

Who Can Apply

How to Apply

Tip: You may want to write your 200-word essay in a separate file and then cut and paste it into the application.

You may apply in either of two ways:

Method 1

1. Download the application using the link at the bottom of this page.

2. Fill out the PDF on your computer. To sign it digitally, just click Sign and Allow when prompted, and specify a file name to save as, such as "Willows Grant Application filled out." Continue filling out the form and save it again when you're done.

3. Email Becky Perelli,, and attach your filled out PDF to the email.

Method 2

1. Download the application using the link at the bottom of this page. Print the PDF. 

2. Fill out the paper application by hand. Scan your filled-out application and make a file out of the scan to the email. All information requested must accompany the application form.

3. Email Becky Perelli,, and attach your scan to the email.

If you have any questions or need assistance, please contact: Becky Perelli,, or (650) 339-3015.

How to Apply

Important Information

  • Applications will be accepted while there are funds.

  • Applicants are required to submit the entire application package including a brief essay.

  • All applications are reviewed and awarded pending funds available to the discharge date.

  • Grants awarded must be acknowledged within 30 days of award date or will be granted to another applicant, unless other arrangements are agreed upon within the committee.

  • Applicants are required to have a phone interview with a Willows Grant Committee Member.

  • Grants are not transferrable.

Important Information

Grant Application

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