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Raising a teen that is struggling can be the most difficult thing we will ever do. We all want a relationship of cooperation and trust, but that is not always the reality.​​

You are not alone. Willows is a non-profit organization that works with parents of teens and young adults in high risk situations. If you are wrestling with a decision about how to help your teen, if you are considering a higher level of care, we can help. Willows provides safe, structured support groups where parents can share with one another and glean valuable information.  Whether you are considering an in-home program, therapeutic residential placement, assistance with transitioning home, valuable parent coaching, Willows can help.

​​​​​Jan won the Jefferson Award! See her interview here.

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Our 2021 Willows Meetings in Los Altos, Walnut Creek, Oakland, and San Rafael will be conducted through Zoom Teleconferencing, we ask that if you plan to attend, please sign up using the following links so we know to include you.


If you do not have Zoom, you will need to download the free app either to your phone or on your computer so you can be a part of the meeting.

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that you select the location you WOULD have physically gone to; that way you will be connected to parents who are local to you, and can remain connected to for future meetings.

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If a program, school or other resource appears on this site, it is not a recommendation.  Conversely, if a program, school or resource is omitted, it does not mean it is not a good program. What is a fine program for one child/family, may not work for another child/family and the opposite is true as well.

The information contained on this site is provided by parents, not professionals, and is meant as a starting point for parents with struggling children.  We recommend consulting therapists, psychiatrists, and other professionals to guide you in the placement of your child.