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Wednesday, November 29 (4-5:30pm)

Three Parenting Traps to Avoid & How To Work Around Them

Parent coaches and co-owners of Solutions Parenting Support, Hilary Moses and Jen Murphy, will be joining us to talk about common parenting pitfalls and offer practical suggestions for avoiding them.


Q & A: Bringing Your Teen or Young Adult Home
Wednesday, November 15 (4-5:30pm)

Therapists and principals of Coyote Coast, Shamita Dhar and Alex Georgakopoulos are returning this month to talk with parents about the transition home from residential treatment. Learn More...


Online Q&A with Coyote Coast
Wednesday, October 18 (4-5:30pm)

You are invited to a Q & A with Coyote Coast Principals, Shamita Dhar and Alex Georgakopoulos.  This is a free event where we’ll be talking about creating a safe bond with our kids, setting loving limits, and repairing after a conflict. Learn More...

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