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Helpful Websites

All Kinds of Therapy: A comprehensive directory for finding a range of different types of therapeutic programs, schools, and treatment options.

Balanced Mind Foundation: ​Guides families raising children with mood disorders to the answers, support, and stability they seek.

Because I Love You: ​General parenting advice and great parenting resources.

Child Mind Institute: ​dedicated to transforming the lives of children struggling with mental health and learning disorders by providing educational resources.

DREDF: ​Disability Rights Education and Defense Fund - A national law and policy center dedicated to strengthening and protecting the rights of of people with disabilities. A PTI A parent training and educational center dedicated to improving the lives of people with disabilities. IEP assistance and legal advocacy. Serving Alameda, Solano and Yolo Counties.

Family Sanity: ​Monthly Support groups for parents of Teens and Young Adults with  mental health/behavioral issues facilitated by Certified Parent Coach.

Help One Child: ​A non-profit, local outreach to families caring for children both in and out of the foster care system.

The Independent Educational Consultants Association (IECA): A not-for-profit, international professional association representing experienced independent educational consultants.

Mental and Health Awareness: Resources for Education and Mental Health for Adolescents to Adults.

Mental and Health Awareness Magazine: Educational and mental health resources for Educators, Families, Parents, Adolescents, and Young Adults, including articles, helplines, online resources, podcasts, resources for parents, support groups, and treatment options.

Outdoor Behavioral Healthcare Industry Council: ​Several wilderness treatment programs that have joined together to collaborate and share the best practices to promote program standards for wilderness treatment.

Parents Helping Parents: ​A Parent Training Center PTI, serving San Mateo, Santa Clara, Monterey and San Benito Counties for Special Education support and information.

National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI): ​The nation's largest grassroots mental health organization.​ To sign up for a support group, go to:

National Association of Therapeutic Schools and Programs (NATSAP): ​A useful site for exploring types of programs available, especially if looking for a particular school or an educational consultant. Under the parent tab, there is a detailed list of questions to ask when visiting and researching schools and programs. 

Screensense: How to teach healthy tech-use to your children.

Start Your Recovery: A valuable tool for people with substance abuse disorder.

Struggling Teens: Information and resources about the many schools and programs available for teens who experience mental health challenges. News and articles provide resources for both parents and professionals.

Support for Families of Children with Disabilities: ​Offers information, education, and parent-to-parent support free of charge to families of children with any kind of disability.

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