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Ground Rules

Group Flow

Confidentiality: What is shared and who is there, stays in the meeting.

Sharing: Everyone is on their own journey and all ideas are welcome.

Active Listening: Please listen with an open heart.

Respect: No interrupting or side conversations.

Be Open Minded: Don't take anything personally or make assumptions, and be open to different points of view than your own.

Tolerance: Acknowledge that we each have unique experiences and someone else's journey may not be the same as our own.

Patience: We are each in different stages of the process, so what may be relevant for you may not be relevant for others and vice versa.

Introductions: Round circle format.

Discussion: Round circle, with topics of interest chosen by meeting participants.

Wrap-up: 15 minutes before the close of each meeting so that parents can visit with each other and network.

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